Monday, March 20, 2017

Mexico, Chickens, Stitches West, Socks,

It's been almost one year since I posted, and boy it's been a busy year.

Went on a cruise for Thanksgiving - 2015, it was a great trip. Mexico does not have wool however I did buy some souvenir balls  of cotton.

I knitted some sweaters my friends chickens. It's kind of fun and the go really fast. Having knitted a few now I have some ideas that I hope to write up soon.

Stitches West, what can I say about Stitches, it's an amazing convention full of amazing yarn. Yarn Over Truck, Sharlamar, Downton Yarns - Mathew to name a few.

I cast on a new pair of socks, a really pretty pale green, of Crazy Monkey supper wash wool.

- slight intermission between finishing this post

Now it is March 2017 and I am preparing for another amazing adventure. Naomi just got back from Europe and her adventure has inspired me to revisit my travels to excite me more (as if that is needed) for my own next adventure.

Friday, May 15, 2015

So finally I am uploading my sheep photos. 

So in advance there are currently 50 Shaun the Sheep scattered around London and later in the summer in Bristol there will be 70 more.  If you are in London this summer download the app and find all 50, but you better hurry as  I heard they are adding more.

Tower of London

The Globe

The Shard

Saint Paul's Cathedral (?)

The London Eye

Tower Bridge

Saturday, April 25, 2015

London phase two!

Arriving back in London yesterday I have to admit I was ready to go home. On the train from Scotland our car lost its air condition. Tired and in a room with a very small bathroom (tiny tiny bathroom!!) only one floor up from the street I was tired and cranky. I tell you, I thought seriously about seeing if I could get an early flight home but then thought no, your in London, your in London; get something to eat, get to bed early and tomorrow will be a better day.

I was right, took the tube today, £12 for an all day pass, tube and buses. Sounds like a lot but not really considering the miles travelled and the convenience of it all.

 I started with Portobello Road, it was fun walking through listen to all the languages flowing around me. It's one of those places where if you sit long enough the whole world walks by, but there is no sitting on the Portobello. A bustling street full of shops during the week on Saturday vendors move in to fill the in between spaces.

Hawking a range of objects you did not know you needed; silver, china, vintage cameras,  clocks, antique furnature, the list is endless and oh my gosh the food! Vendors with excellent coffee and fresh croissants, middle eastern food, Jamaican, deep fried fish and chips, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Listening too a couple of older vendors discussing who got a prime location that day brought me back in time of an old boyfriend who also use to sell antiques at a market in California. The same discussion, same complaints, only today one had a heavy French accent and one heavy British.


I stopped by the Loop Yarn shop and bought some very yummy wool for a small shawl. For my knitting friends I  really did try to find an existing pattern but the moment I saw the yarn I already had  a Stephen West/tower bridge influence pattern in mind, maybe this one I will write down, lol.

Walked the Millennium bridge, stopped to hear the bells of St Paul's cathedral, found a few more sheep, it was a good day.

Tomorrow is the London Marathon, I am planning on getting up, not to early, and go cheer on those crazy runners as they achieve their goal of crossings the finish line.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Edinburgh is a wonderful city, so much history, so many things to see and do. The train ride here was super easy, Kings Cross in London to city centre here in Edinburgh. Of course I got turn around a bit and went up the hill on the wrong side.

A little background on Edinburgh as I learned from the tour guides, Edinburgh Castle is the site of an ancient volcano and as the glacier went through here during the last ice age they carved deep canvases around the castle rock.

The train station is at the bottom and everything else is UP  Lol you have to walk UP a freaking long-ass hill with switch backs. but as the bird files it's maybe a quarter mile from the station to the hotel.

 My hotel Apex city hotel is on grassmarket, which is a pub street in a town full of pubs. Grassmarket use to be a market place for any thing that fed on grass, they were very creative here, and it boast the oldest pub in Edinburgh, the White Hart Inn established in 1516.

I hit a few pubs while here this one has great music nightly.

I took advantage of the city Hop-on-Hop-off bus and road them all over the city, for a tourist they really are the way to go.

On Wednesday I combined a mini yarn crawl with my exploring, I made it to three stores although one closed early, which caused me to forget to take a pic. Lol but it had some lovely hand dye yarn.  Http://

Here are the stores I made it to.

There are two more shops as well as these three I just ran out of time and steam.

I replaced my sock project lost in Bangalore, :-( and also found some very pretty sparkly pink yarn. By far my favourite purchases is my new purse!!  (You knew that was coming, lol) I found at a shop on the Royal Mile, along with some yummy fingerless mitts bought at the castle gift shop.

Here are some pictures from around Edinburgh.

I will talk about my stop at the Elephant House in another post.

That's all for now, have to go repack my suitcase. 

Love Ya!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

First night in London

Sara, my travel agent at High Plains Travel, came through again. The perfect hotel only blocks from Paddington Station. Easy trip from the airport by the Heathrow Express. Clean, small room perfect for a tight budget, close to London sights by underground or the Hop-on-hop-off which stops just a block away.

Ok, it's 8:00pm London, and besides the cat naps on the plane I have been up since 1:00pm Friday India time, time to crash.

Night every one.

Monday, March 30, 2015

First day out and about in India some of the sites.

A temple next our building and the park across the street. We had a pair of dogs join us for our walk, very friendly, but we did not pet them. The traffic we crossed, and the pool on the roof. Next up, taking a nap before work tonight.